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It has been a long history over 150 years to craft with wool. Wool yarn is one of the first type of yarns that people think of when it comes to knitting or crocheting. Wool fiber is a warm fiber that is great for sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves and other accessories. Wool fiber is natural fiber delivered from sheep from Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, UK and many other countries. Depends the sheep breed and also the environments the sheep is living, the wool fiber from different origin has different features. Merino is one of the sheep breed that grow the bright and fine wool fiber. The range of our wool yarns available is wide—from Eco Wool which is undyed wool yarn to superwash merino like Extra Fine Merino Yarn, to RWS Merino Wool. Superwash wool fiber is treated to round its wool scalp to achieve wool fiber shrink resistance making machine washable possible. 100% Wool fiber yarns can be use for wool felting, such as Hobbi Yarn, and Felting Wool. Our wool yarns are in a various yarn weights from Fingering to Super Bulky. With so many options, including blends with other fibers, wool yarn is a great option for many projects.